The Integral City 2.0 embraces and develops human systems.

It draws on the frameworks of complex human development of Ken Wilber, Don Beck, Clare Graves and Ervin Laszlo; living systems theory of James Grier Miller; ecological sustainability of William Rees and Mathis Wackernagel; resilience models of C.S. Holling et al; and bio-social-evolutionist dynamics of Jared Diamond , Spencer Wells, Howard Bloom , Elisabet Sahtouris and Barbara Marx Hubbard .

Integral City 2.0 is dynamic, adaptive and responsive to its internal life conditions and external life conditions. Integral City 2.0 tracks these conditions using three intertwined images:

These images show Integral City 2.0 as a whole living system, evolving because of the dynamic human relationships that define its boundaries, expand its connections and grow its intelligence as Gaia’s reflective organ.