Civil Society 2.0 has new power because it is integrating new relationships and a Manifesto for Evolutionary Freedom with social media 2.0. This is creating new resonance and coherence for glocal wellbeing, social justice and environmental sustainability in the human hive. The song sheet that Civil Society is co-creating is quickly emerging new music for all of us in the Integral City 2.0 choir to sing.

Our Civil Society 2.o voices are a new symphonic force to be reckoned with. We are now hitting octaves beyond the range predicted by Paul Hawken  in”Blessed Unrest“. As an unlikely mix of philanthropists, community developers, social investors, conscious capitalists and activist citizens discover our power, we are (like the Gettin’ Higher Choir)  amassing a community choir honing in on the right key(s) to sing in and how to emote with harmony.

The quality of our Civil Society voice today wavers like the boy soprano who can no longer hold one true note, but we are frequently starting to break into a more mature sound.

The emergent voice of Civil Society  2.0 integrates the voices of We with I,  Him with Her, Us with Them in the process of creating a vibrant Integral City. 2.0 choir that resonates with the We and Heart of Integral City. 2.0 .

And the verses that Civil Society 2.0 repeats ring with the notes of Civil Freedoms – Freedom to Protect, Freedom to Honour, Freedom to Defend, Freedom to Respect, Freedom to Promote, Freedom to Accept, Freedom to Facilitate, Freedom to Value. In sum, we are singing for the Freedoms to Evolve. We are emerging a Manifesto of Freedom That Honours Life’s Universal Values of Place, Person and Planet.

Civil Society 2.0 is emerging music that resonates with the vibration of each voice and coheres with the colour of all harmony. We are claiming our birthright and composing new music that recalibrates our Integral City 2.0 into evolutionary spheres that will sustain us.