Structural Intelligences arise from the collective of living holons of which each of us is a part, as well as the structures and infrastructures our Human Hives create to sustain that life.

These structures are now embodied in our economics, energy systems, communications technology, city public works, and social organizations. As such these structural intelligences are co-creating new environments both inside the city and outside in its eco-region. Our Human Hives are effectively centred around human activity and create centres of human activity that ripple out from our homes through our neighbourhoods, communities, cities and eco-regions to the farthest points on the planet.

Recognizing that these structures and infrastructures now connect in trans-planetary networks (that consume more energy than any other human artefact and contribute to the climate change equation) demands that we take a global responsibility about our local structures.

Three simple rules for applying Integral City Structural Intelligences for healthy cities and eco-regions are:

1. Manage life sustaining energy for all life.

2. Design from the center, at all scales for all holons.

3. Build structures that integrate self-organizing creativity with hierarchies of order.


This blog is a prologue to the Integral City webinar conference  City 2.0 Co-Creating the Future of the Human Hive . We are inventing a new operating system for the city.  Click to get more details re the Free Expo and eLaboratory membership  scheduled September 4-27  2012. You are invited to attend and participate.