Blog Action Day! The Power of WE!

What and how did we discover the Power of WE in the recent Integral City 2.0 Online Conference?

Without the many WE’s in our conference, we could never have emerged the insights to create a new operating system for the Human Hive. But with the power of WE times 3, here is a “peep show” of what is emerging.


We launched a month-long Action Research Inquiry about how the 12 Intelligences of an Integral City could help us develop a new operating system for the city.

Each intelligence had three WE’s as presenters who spoke for the value of a particular intelligence to the city. Thought Leaders explored with us What the intelligence is? Designers framed for us So What is important about incorporating this intelligence into city life? And Practitioners told us Now What can we do to implement this intelligence in service to the wellbeing of the Human Hive?


We used a methodology that was built on the DNA of the Master Code for the Human Hive:

  • Take Care of Self
  • Take Care of Each Other
  • Take Care of This Place


It was critical to hear from as many voices in the city as we could attract. When participants registered we asked them to identify what voice of the city they most identified with:

  1. Citizens
  2. Civil Society
  3. City Government/Institutions
  4. Business


The power of these three WE’s produced an exponential learning blast. This explosion of WE power is still circling the earth like volcanic emissions. You could say the effect has made our sunrises brighter and our sunsets awesomely colourful! This kind of blast casts a radically optimistic outfall of evolutionary patterns across our city grid.

We realize we can no longer use a simple/single MRI scan to understand our beloved Human Hive. To grasp the power of our discoveries, we need an MR-WE scan.

Two beautiful protocols have emerged. One (from George Por) gives us a personal practice to live the Master Code as a set of principles for evolutionary expansion.

The other (from Alia Aurami) unpacks the trajectory of the Master Code across the developmental span of the human system.

Below in Table 1, is just a little sampling of how the power of WE3 intelligences are being released when City Voices intersect with the three DNA strands of our Master Code, on our Integral City Intelligences MR-WE-scan. (You can find out more details by visiting the website Registration is free.).

Discover how the Power of WE3 releases the DNA of our Master Code in communities, capitals and capacities in all the cities on our Planet of Cities. Join us in our ongoing inquiry at the Integral City 2.0 Online Conference.


Table1: Releasing the Power of WE3