Using Integral City approaches to analyse your city demands attunement of your faculties of observation.

Integral City International Faces

Cindy Wigglesworth recommends that in 2013 we use “Humble Curiosity” to see the world in new ways. She outlines a path that aligns multiple intelligences that build on one another like a pyramid of increasing complexity. Cindy is founder of Deep Change and author of SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence  (and speaker at our Integral City 2.0 Online Conference and the What Next Integral Conference).

Multiple Intelligences PQ IQ EQ SQ

Cindy’s pathway to develop SQ skills builds on a pyramid of skills that start with Physical Intelligence (PQ), Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and finally Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

Why are these intelligences relevant to completing an integral assessment? Because they each intelligence set engage a different cluster of capacities in the human observation lexicon. Within each intelligence the trajectory of skill development is what we point to in Chapter 5 of Integral City (p. 103).

  • First become Self Aware of relevant skills.
  • Second practise Self-Management of those skills.
  • Third develop capacities for Self Learning/Leading/Teaching
  • Next become Other Aware in practising those skills.
  • And then practise Other-Management.
  • Third develop capacities for Other Learning/Leading/Teaching
  • Next become Context Aware
  • And then practise Context-Management
  • Third develop capacities for Context Learning/Leading/Teaching
  • Finally become Systems Aware
  • And then practise Systems-Management.
  • Third develop capacities for Systems Learning/Leading/Teaching

These are the stepping-stones to deepening Physical sensory capacity, Intellectual knowledge, Emotional relational capacity and Spiritual compassion capacity. Altogether they contribute to Integral City Intelligences that wake us up to observing the city around us on the deepest most dynamic level possible.