Let’s recap core blogs that explore the Principles that could guide a Planet of Integral Cities.


Recently we explored the evolutionary context of the life-giving Principles of  Anthro-Bio-Cosmo emergence (thanks to Integral Geographer Dr. Brian Eddy).

In a much earlier blog we introduced the Principles of Living Systems (developed by Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris)

Then we introduced the Complex Spiral of Anthropic Principles , derived from developmental evolutionary research of Spiral Dynamics integral (initiated by Dr. Clare Graves and Dr. Don Beck).

We have also explored the core Principle of the Master Code (derived from my exploration of the principles underlying the 12 Integral City Intelligences).

With these suite of principles in place we can then turn to the individual city and recall the Principles related to:

This summary of the Principles we have explored gives us a meta from which to notice how Integral City Process, Practise and Structures rest on these Principles.