Meta security in the Human Hive – was the topic presented by Integral City to the International Society for Systems Sciences in Haiphong, Vietnam, July 16, 2013.banner_04 globe india asia

The presentation looked at how integrally aligning sustainability responses to a  trajectory of evolutionary threats reveals the strata of intelligent capacities available to sustainability systems thinkers.

Here is the Abstract of the article that will be published in ISSS 2013 Conference Proceedings.

This presentation explores a meta-theory for Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) as it relates to the human hive. It explores the Integral City Framework for environmental change in the Cosmosphere, Biosphere and Anthroposphere. Four maps reveal how humans in the city impact global environment, and how human security is tightly bound with global and human evolution. Elements of the maps include subjective/intersubjective and objective/interobjective perspectives; nested holarchies of whole systems; fractal development of holons and social holons; and eight levels of complex structures. A specific example of the city of Abbotsford is used to illustrate an integral approach to GECHS. The article concludes that the integral city meta-framework provides a GECHS approach that is fractal, scaleable, global, local, holistic, comprehensive, pluralistic, interconnected, evolutionary and developmental.

Thanks to Integral City Intern, Michael Pickering for making the presentation (in absentia for Marilyn Hamilton).

October 2014, Update: This presentation has been published in the peer reviewed journal Systems Research and Behavioral Science Volume 31, Issue 5