At the ITC2013 Learning Lhabitat participants introduced themselves by name, Human HIve (aka city of residence) and the Voice(s) of the City they most often represent.

Cityzens Are Spirit of City

Cityzens Are Spirit of City

Here is how the Cityzens described the voice of the City.  They recognized that the Cityzen voice speaks from the Integral City’s Upper Left Quadrant  – where I have called it the voice of the City Spirit.

In their own words Learning Lhabitat Cityzens said:

  • Cityzens just want to have fun! (Red)
  • Cityzens want a sense of being home (Purple) and belonging (Green).
  • They want to connect to others (Green).
  • At the same time they are self-centred (Red and Orange).
  • They can have a mob mentality and even lose their sense of individual self (Purple and Blue).
  • They can be action oriented, doing what they have to do (Orange).
  • They can also feel powerless, apathetic and isolated.
  • They protest change and can stand up for their own preferred Quality of Life
  • Cityzens come in all flavours/colours/expressions of worldviews (see the hints in the Spiral Colours suggested by the Participants above).

Learning “Lhabitants” recognized that the role that Cityzens play is to translate cues from the Diversity Generators (that comes from City Builder-Entrepreneurs ) and build the diversity into the fabric of the city.

At the same time Civil Society  integrate the individual mentalities and values of Cityzens with the other voices of the City.  Cityzen Voice can be amplified by the Civil Society-Integrators who take the pulse of the Civic Managers , monitor the values of the Cityzens and point to the possibilities for innovation arising from City Developers. In this way Cityzens can  learn how to align their efforts around common purpose.