Diversity Generators were in the majority at the ITC2013 Learning Lhabitat .  When participants introduced themselves by name, Human HIve (aka city of residence) and the Voice(s) of the City we found we had more voices from City Builders, Business and Diversity Generation.  This proved to be a great opportunity for this voice to demonstrate its versatility when interacting with (and/or standing in for)  the other 3 voices.

City Builders

City Builders

Here is how Business and City Builders described their voice in the City.  They recognized that the City Builder voice speaks from the Integral City’s Lower Right Quadrant  – where I have called it the voice of Business, Asset Developers and Builders of City Systems and Infrastructure.

In their own words Learning Lhabitat City Builders described themselves as:

  • Innovators
  • Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Goal oriented
  • Goal aligners
  • Risk takers
  • Social developers
  • Profit generators
  • Results producers
  • Able to reuse, redevelop, recycle
  • Rule breakers 
  • Challengers of the Status Quo
  • New systems creators
  • Shifters of systems and leadership
  • Wealth generators for the sustainability of Triple P: People, Profit, Planet

Learning “Lhabitants” recognized that the role that City Builders play is to generate diversity and create new options for Cityzens and Civic Managers of the city.

At the same time the City Builder voices were asked to balance the disruption they can cause so that Civic Managers can determine the deliverables that Cityzens will buy into, that will, in turn, allow them to allocate resources wisely.  Cityzens were curious how the City Builders experience their interior life, so that they could better understand and contribute to the quartet of City Voices?