Could There Be a Council of Cities

Council of Cities? Budapest, May 8 2014

Council of Cities? Budapest, May 8 2014

Could there be a council of cities?

How to concentrate level of cities aside from national interest?

To agree on having one city that could be like the hive level …

We have to start at the village level.


I remember when I vistited in Moscow in scientific community …

Clear energy field of thinking


Whatever we do in a Place it stays there.

Disorder has energy that must be unblocked.


It is possible to do something different.


Urban victories.

Changed perspective from  inner to outer, individual to collective.

How wonderful Basel became City of Art,

How encouraging!

Intellectual acupuncture point for global affairs.

Small incentive … collective learning.

We created an energetic field of consciousness.

Importance of city development for whole global development.


Question of Purpose …

Out of conflict – What is Purpose of City as a whole?

Purpose  important for city.

What a diverse group!


Consciousness of bee metaphor

Dying out

Something seemingly dying out

We have to recreate that capacity within

If we take this warning seriously

We can help bees survive for what we do.

It’s always 2 ways – emotional … consciousness pushing it.

Brotherhood – sisterhood on very deep level

Connecting to wisdom

Scientifically provable


Connection of caring

Essence of me.


This is the Check-Out Wisdom-Poem from Learning Lhabitat, Working Together, Opening Gateways in the Human Hive,  Integral Europe Conference, May 8, 2014

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