This newsletter is published quarterly using a cycle of perspectives on the Integral City viewed from: Planet, People, Place and Power. The theme of this issue is People.… the second person Intersubjective WE appreciates the Goodness of Life … revealing the moral qualities of the life choices that are necessary on every level of human existence and association. These Intersubjective perspectives are woven from the everyday stories we tell each other in every informal connection of daily life. They reflect the tales and myths we create to pass along our archetypal experiences….The Goodness perspectives become the crucibles that hold our Subjective Beauty
[and (Inter)Objective Truth].Hamilton, M. (2008). Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive. Gabriola Island BC: New Society Publishers, pp. 63-4 


Solstice Reflections on Goodness from the Overview of Planet of Cities

Summer (northern hemisphere) and Winter (southern hemisphere) Solstice remind us that Earth’s cities experience our journey around the sun in opposite measures of light and dark. This natural phenomenon can act as a touchstone to our sense of being in Fields of abundance and scarcity as reflected in the quantity of daylight we receive. (Travel from Vancouver, Canada to Sydney, Australia on the solstice might completely reverse your experience of natural light.) But figuratively speaking our Planet of Cities is receiving the same total amount of sunlight all the time – it is just constantly being reapportioned as our Earth’s tilt adjusts the length of day and night across the hemispheres. It can remind us of the essential Goodness of Life and our purpose as Humans as Gaia’s Reflective Organs.

Reflections on Goodness from the Voices of Integral Travellers

My recent travels for Integral City to Hungary and Russia have shown me yet again this old Goodness: If you want to reflect more  “integral” qualities, travel. Travel broadens the mind, stretches the body, connects you to new cultures and engages you with different systems. Travel offers you the benefits of an “Overview Effect” – the opportunity to see your city from “away” – as an aerospace voyager, a boat navigator, a train rider or a bus passenger.


Each mode of transport opens new gateways into and outside the boundaries of our “home” self, familiars and city – and by doing so helps us re-appreciate what is most familiar to us.By the same token the persona that we travel as, connects with different aspects of the Integral City Field as she/he explores, through the Voices of Citizen, Civil Society, Civic Manager and Business/Innovator, for the good of all.

June Solstice: Celebrate Goodness with Voices of All People in Mind

On Solstice days the sun appears to stand still and people have deemed them as potent occasions to notice the importance of our relationships with the Sun and each other. Summer Solstice opens the gateways to people in our lives and the ways we celebrate our relationships to Family (BBQ’s), National Holidays (July 1, 4), Holidays and Festivals (Eid) from bank and work.

Sharing Souvenirs of Great Goodness from Eastern Europe’s City Voices

In the last quarter, our visits to Eastern Europe gave us direct experience of how Integral City principles can be applied whenever and wherever the 4 Voices of the City sit in Council. We met “sapient circles” everywhere we went and had the privilege of seeing how they can bring and amplify fresh energy to the city. Here are some links to some of our deepest engagements:

1.      Budapest, Hungary 4 Voices: Integral City’s visit to Hungary enabled us (Anne-Marie Voorhoeve /The Hague Centre and Marilyn Hamilton) to connect  with the Field of Integral Europe in Budapest  (IEC 2014). There we continued our Learning Lhabitat research into the qualities of the 4 Voices of the City. This gives us the chance to compare our findings with the research we (Beth Sanders/Populus and Marilyn Hamilton) collected both at ITC2013 and with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities 2014. Check out our blogs reporting our Findings on the qualities of the 4 Voices of the City, starting here.


2.      Russia offered us three occasions to think differently about the importance of cities.

1. “City Trigger Points, Country Tipping Points” has been published in the new Online Journal Eros and Kosmos (co-created by Eugene Pustoshkin, Russian Translator of Integral City book). This article discusses the shift in the power of cities to impact the wellbeing of nations.


2. As a preamble to the book launch of the Russian Translation of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, I gave this interview to iPraktik Founder, Dmitry Baranov , observing how the Integral City paradigm reframes many intractable city development issues. Then I gave my  lecture on “Opening Wellbeing Gateways to the Human Hive”  (see link to slide-share below).

3. In Izhevsk, Udmurtya, I  worked directly with the dynamo Lev Gordon, Founder of ARGO (Association for City Development, an Integral City Affiliate) and his ARGO team which had organized for Urbanfest. Amongst the multitude of events of the Urbanfest gathering for the 44 participating Russian cities, I had the honour to offer a Master Class in the Udmurtia Presidential Palance.



Integral City Sharing New Resources for Increasing Your Own Goodness1.  Building on our great success from the Integral City 2.0 Online Conference (IC2OC) 2012, we have packaged the podcasts of the interviews with the 12 Thought Leaders who explored each of the Integral City Intelligences, into a Downloadable Release. You can access the website to download the interviews here. We are offering a 30% discount from the regular $89 price – at a Special Opening Price of $69, available for the next 30 days. Individual Thought Leaders can be downloaded for $10 each). Try a FREE sample and listen to the recording of Dr. Ann Dale talking about the Inquiry Intelligence – see PS link below.

2. Integral City Affiliate Brett Thomas (founder of Integral Initiatives and partner with our IC2OC 2012 conference) has created a new opportunity for the Voices of Business to accelerate and expand their capacities in his new Conscious Business Coalition. Find out all the details anddownload some valuable resources here.

3. Particularly for the Voices of Business and Civil Society  or anyone who wants to learn how the emerging 2nd Tier Organization thinks, acts, relates and structures itself, you would do well to read Frederic Laloux’s new book Reinventing Organizations. If we are to move towards building a full set of City Intelligences in the Integral City we will have to develop the kind of organizations Laloux has researched.  Ken Wilber has written this enthusiastic foreword and Integral Life offers the opportunity for a FREE download here.

4. A last announcement to mark the beginning of this People Quarter.   Integral City, in partnership with Centre for Human Emergence Canada, will offer a new training: Spiral Dynamics integral ™ for the Human Hive September 18 – 21, 2014 in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. If you are interested in this special city-focused training send an email to and we will send you further information about the training as it becomes available.

How Do You Celebrate People-Goodness in 2014 3rd Quarter?

June 21 marks the start of what we are calling the People Quarter of 2014 (from June 21 to September 20). How do you plan to celebrate your Summer or Winter holidays? How will you spend them with friends or family? What Goodness do you appreciate from your own Culture? We would love to learn about your stories of families and festivals. Tell us how you are travelling, connecting and celebrating together to create a Planet of People-Powered Integral Cities  – visit us at Integral City Collective on Face book  and post a short update or a photo.

Meshful Blessings for June Solstice and Integral City’s People Quarter fromMarilyn Hamilton and the Integral City Core Team
PSHere are some FREE resources for discovering new Gateways to the Human Hive. If they inspire, intrigue or ignite you and you’d like to bring Integral City energy to your city – just let us know:      Slide share of Moscow presentation “Opening Gateways to the Human Hive”.2.      FREE Podcast IC2OC2012 Thought Leader: Dr. Ann Dale discussing the Inquiry Intelligence.

3.      FREE downloads from Conscious Business Coalition.

4.      FREE download of Reinventing Organizations.


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