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Training: Wake Up the Human Hive Beyond the Traditional, Smart and Resilient City

By |2017-04-07T02:57:13+00:00March 22nd, 2016|

Events and Training Online 90 Minutes and Master Class - Live in Person Wake Up the Human Hive Beyond the Traditional, Smart and Resilient City Description In this course I explore the relationship amongst Traditional Cities, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities and Integral Cities and how all four types of cities contribute [...]

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How Do We Locate the Resilient City?

By |2017-04-07T02:57:20+00:00September 16th, 2015|city|

The second locator we look at we name the Resilient City Locator. It is like the Motherboard of our intelligence system – it is based on the natural systems we have inherited from Mother Earth. Integral City Contexting Locator (for Resilient Cities) The Resilient City Locator is all about locating our Human Hives in [...]

Tamarack: Open Letter from Integral City Beyond Resilient Beyond Smart

By |2019-06-15T10:29:50+00:00March 12th, 2019|Book 2, E. Evolutionary Intelligences, Inquiry, Integral Maps, Meshworking, Placecaring, Placemaking, Spirituality|

Dear Tamarack I was last with you in your Vancouver 2017 Conference, sharing my second book, Inquiry & Action, Designing Impact for the Human Hive. Earlier that year I was with you in Kitchener/Waterloo exploring Placecaring and Placemaking in your Collective Impact Conference. This letter is to renew and continue an inspiring partnership - [...]

Integral City Reflective Organ – October 2015: Places – Smart, Resilient, Integral

By |2017-04-07T02:57:20+00:00October 20th, 2015|Newsletter|

This newsletter is published quarterly using a cycle of perspectives on the Integral City viewed from: Planet, People, Place and Power. The theme of this issue is Place. Just as honeybees adapt themselves to different geographies, human settlements must adapt different solutions to the same infrastructure problems. Each location provides a unique combination of matter, [...]

Learn 5 Ways With Integral City

By |2021-05-10T08:32:10+00:00May 10th, 2021|Newsletter|

This is a Special Issue of our Newsletter to invite you to learn 5 ways with Integral City - in the next 2 months. Click here to see the release of the original newsletter. Doughnut Economics Scholarships for Master Regenerative Action Integral City is a partner with Ubiquity University in designing and delivering [...]

City Nestworking – How You Serve the City and the City Serves You

By |2021-05-08T11:16:38+00:00May 8th, 2021|Building - Structures, C. Collective Intelligences, Integral Maps, Online Course, Storytelling - Cultures|

It’s time to build on the Beyond Smart and Beyond Resilient courses - join Integral City Meshworker of the Year, Beth Sanders, when she delivers "City Nestworking". It starts May 12, 2021. Click here to get the details and register. What will you learn in our new course, City Nestworking? 1) Discern your [...]

Edmonton: Integral City of Year 2020

By |2020-12-19T09:25:11+00:00December 17th, 2020|A. Contexting Intelligences, B. Individual Intelligences, C. Collective Intelligences, City of Year, D. Strategic Intelligences, E. Evolutionary Intelligences|

Edmonton, the city that plans for disruption, is Integral City of the Year 2020. Edmonton tested its new City Plan, made to withstand disruption, with humanity’s first pandemic in a century. Here’s what Edmonton has to say for itself: “The City Plan--a roadmap for good days, challenging days, future days in Edmonton.” Developed [...]

Humanity Rising. Ubiquity University. Integral City. Join our Circles of Care

By |2020-10-06T12:59:27+00:00September 10th, 2020|Action, Designing Impact, F. Training, Inquiry, Integral Maps, Online Course, Spirituality, Ubiquity University, Voices|

Because of the pandemic, Ubiquity University cared enough to reach out to the world with Humanity Rising. Integral City answered and now we reach out to you in partnership with UU. Be one of the Daring Dozen who takes the new course, Beyond Resilient: Integral City Inquiry Action Impact. Find out why lead [...]